Our Vision


Opportunities for the disadvantaged through the application of informational resources and instruction.


Helping with the relief of individual and family suffering caused by severe health issues.


Opportunities for those who show exceptional promise through scholarships and educational programs.


On behalf of those individuals who are denied their constitutional rights and personal liberty.

Latest Posts

  • Setting Up
    2019-11-20 No Comments

    Our charity is in the process of setting up. We have formed as an Arizona non-profit corporation, and our next step is to get an IRS 501c3 determination. We're also setting up this website, a facebook page, and other technical assets.

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Our Mission Statement

Contribute Now To empower people with the freedom to grow as productive and caring individuals by helping them overcome social and economic disadvantages and emergencies with informational and financial resources that will allow them to prevail over hardships and sustain ongoing growth.